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Addison Times: The Relaxerie Sleep Shop Rebrands, Doubles Down on Location

Addison Times: The Relaxerie Sleep Shop Rebrands, Doubles Down on Location
Relaxerie Sleep Shop team
Relaxerie Sleep Shop staff members (L to R) David Howell, Jeff Burton, Grant Sparks, Jordan Sparks, and Desiree Brattain prepare to unveil a new name and logo, Feb. 22, 2019. | Kristiaan Rawlings

Staff members at The Relaxerie Sleep Shop, formerly known as The Mattress Chick, needed to make a clarification.

“We were not vandalized last night,” Jordan Sparks told Facebook Live fans about a week ago. Rather, the giant cardboard covering on the window was merely covering a new logo.

Employees endured a blustery Saturday to herald the rebranding. Although owner Grant Sparks called recent expansion “just the beginning,” numerous changes have already occurred since the store opened nearly three years ago at 112 S. Harrison St., downtown Shelbyville. 

“We weren’t selling furniture to begin with,” co-owner David Howell said.

Customers from those early days are often shocked to see bedroom suite displays instead of the stacks of mattresses that once crowded the room.

The name change to The Relaxerie Sleep Shop precedes upcoming new furniture lines and an interior design component. Although they plan to open two other locations within the next three years, the downtown store will remain, Sparks said.

That strategic decision makes sense to Shelbyville Mayor Tom DeBaun, who has spearheaded the downtown redevelopment project.

“I’m always pleased to see our local business community thrive and prosper,” DeBaun said last week. “These success stories only serve to validate the moves we as local governments are making in investing in ourselves via the downtown improvements and infrastructure across the city.”

Expanding product lines at The Relaxerie, which has approached nearly $3 million in sales, only makes sense to Sparks.

“I live a mile from here and my kids go to school here,” he said. “It’s been really gratifying to be able to do business and do something I love in the town I grew up in.”

Although the name change was announced online, an in-store grand opening will be held Friday, April 3.

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