Relaxerie Sleep Shop

About Us

Relaxerie Sleep Shop is a locally owned mattress and furniture store located in Historic Downtown Shelbyville, IN, devoted to delivering high quality products to consumers at the lowest possible price. We thrive on being a friendly, customer service driven company with a passion for giving back to the communities we serve.

Grant Sparks and David Howell have known each other longer than each can remember.  They grew up together, went to school together and have even traveled together. So owning a business seemed like that next progression in a lifelong friendship. 

Centering on your sleep, we provide mattresses, bedding, pillows, sheets and the furniture it would all be on-- both in our showroom and online for the convenience of our clients, regardless of where they may live. 

Formerly known as Mattress Chick, the rebranded Relaxerie Sleep Shop name now directly reflects the ability to fully service customers looking for home furniture, including bedroom sets and mattresses.

From what started in 2016 as a storage unit filled with mattresses, to the 
e-commerce channel presence and downtown storefront showroom of 2020, our journey has been an amazing one, and we owe it all to our fantastic customers! 
Thanks to this amazing support, we are growing exponentially, and as we look ahead over the next few years we are massively excited about what the future holds!

Simply put, we're obsessed with rest.

- The Entire Relaxerie Sleep Shop Team